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Anne Hathaway Might Replace Amy Schumer In Live-Action ‘Barbie’ Movie


Anne Hathaway’s life is about to get a lot more plastic, and it’s fantastic. Hathaway is in talks to star in the live-action movie, which has been inthe works for quite a while now, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The Oscar winner is replacing Amy Schumer in the role.

Last year, Amy Schumer was announced to helm the movie, which was described as a feminist inversion of the the Barbie franchise, about a woman who doesn’t fit into a cookie-cutter land of perfect Barbie dolls and decides to journey to the real world. It drew comparisons to other magical, fish-out-of-water films like and, and of course its Disney equivalent.


With Schumer as its lead, it also became immediately evident the movie would likely lean heavily on some R-rated humor, but unfortunately, the comedian had to move out of the Barbie Dream House in March due to scheduling conflicts.

Now that Anne Hathaway is circling the iconic role, it sounds like the entire tone of the movie may shift as well, away from Schumer’s brassy humor and towards Hathaway’s more emotive sensibilities. The movie is also talking to Alethea Jones (director of upcoming R-rated comedy) to direct the flick, reportedy at Hathaway’s request.


Butnothing is a done deal yet. Apparently, Hathaway’s schedule could still be a problem for Sony, which is reportedly unwilling to budge on its summer2018 release date. Hathaway is currently filming a handful of other projects, so we’ll have to wait and see if she and Sony can make the scheduling work.

Anne Hathaway is currently filming a thriller with Matthew McConaughey called and co-starring with Rebel Wilson on aremake called. She’ll also appear in the star-studded, and has been announced to topline two dramas: and.

Warner Bros.

The movie is reportedly locked in to hit theaters on June 29, 2018.

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