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Doc Rivers To The Lakers Rumors Are About to Heat Up


Doc Rivers is currently under contract with the Los Angeles Clippers, but there are rumors bubbling up that he could be moving across its most recent arena to the other locker room. Yes, the Los Angeles Lakers could make a run at Rivers this summer.

Several media members have suggested such a scenario( Stephen A. Smith mentioned it on his radio present recently) and Peter Vescey is the latest.

On Monday, Vescey claimed Magic Johnson loves River and would give him the job if he wanted it. If you think it’s unlikely River would leave the Clippers, Vescey had this nugget for you 😛 TAGEND

Would River earnestly consider leaving a rebuilt playoff squad( three starters are 22, 22& 20; and then there’s Danilo Gallinari and two nuclear subs) that will enjoy enough cap space July 1 to seduce on paper two free agents worthy of maximum investment( Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard are my educated guessings ), and an owner who won’t faintly flinch to shell it out?

Of course, Rivers would!

According to a confidant, he almost always has wanted to leash the Lakers. In dialogues over the years, Doc often conveyed an ardent ambition to coach either them, or the Knicks before retiring, if for no other motive than their worldwide brands.

We all know Luke Walton and the Lakers are destined to break up after this season. Obviously, Johnson and general manager Rob Pelinka want to make a splashing with their next hire. They also need someone who can command the ensuring compliance with LeBron James while also integrating the remaining pieces of the Lakers’ young core. There are only a few coaches out there who could do both.

The Clippers enter Monday with a 41 -3 0 record and in the eighth playoff spot in the Western Conference. It’s been a remarkable season considering the franchise appeared to be settling in for a rebuild this season. In fact, it might be Rivers’ best coaching job yet.

Vescey asserts Clippers owner Steve Ballmer will pony up big-time to keep his coach. While Rivers is currently making $10 million a year, Ballmer is likely to offer him an extension worth $60 million over four seasons.

Lakers proprietor Jeanie Buss won’t be violating the bank to bring in Rivers, but he might take less to coach LeBron be part of the NBA’s glamour franchise.

Expect these rumors to persist until Rivers makes a decision on his future.

The Lakers have also been connected to Mark Jackson, Ty Lue, and John Calipari, while they could attempt a Hail mary run at Mike Krzyzewski.

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