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Doom Eternal: release date, trailers and news


A year after Doom: Eternal debuted, we& apos; ve ensure much more about the sequel to the much-loved 2016 reboot. The new game seems even faster, more frenetic, and more gore-filled than its predecessor – which you can discover when Doom: Eternal comes out on November 22, 2019.

Few franchises exemplify the FPS genre quite like Doom. Packed to the seams with blood, hellfire, shotguns, and even more blood, id Software& apos; s ultra-violent shooter has earned legions of fans since its first game in 1993: pitching a nameless marine against hordes of demons unleashed from hell.

Now, two years after a 2016 reboot brought the franchise successfully to modern consoles, we have word of a direct sequel: Doom Eternal. The sequel will have the single-player mode continuing where the first game left off: DoomGuy has been teleoprted to an unknown location and it& apos; s up to them to save a demon-invaded Earth.

[ Update: Doom Eternal is playable at E3 2019 at Bethesda& apos; s booth for those lucky enough to go. Read on !]

Doom Eternal announced at E3

Bethesda will release more info about Doom: Eternal at QuakeCon this year in Europe…and at a new event in Dallas later in June – the first-ever DoomCon.

Cut to the chase What is it? A fast-paced, ultra-violent shooter where you beat and shoot demons to a pulp, and the sequel to 2016& apos; s DoomWhat can I play it on? PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo SwitchWhen can I play it? November 22, 2019. Doom Eternal release date

At E3 2019, Bethesda formally announced Doom: Eternal& apos; s

Doom Eternal trailers

E3 2019

Bethesda& apos; s E3 2019 keynote included a big, bad trailer with even more incredible action, giving us a little more info on the tale to come in Doom: Eternal. Y& apos; know, so it& apos; s not just guns and gore.

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