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The Elder Scrolls 6: release date, news and rumors


Bethesda granted the wishes of Elder Scrolls fans everywhere when studio boss Todd Howard corroborated at E3 2018 that the developer is working on the highly-anticipated The Elder Scrolls 6.

Although we only got a glimpse at a short teaser trailer, rumors immediately started about where the latest Elder Scrolls title will be set, when it will release and when we will hear more.

So we& apos; ve gathered and assessed all the news and rumors about The Elder Scrolls 6 in this handy guide. Here& apos; s everything you need to know.

[ Update: The Redfall trademark dispute, which had the potential to effect the developed for The Elder Scrolls 6, has now come to an end. Read on to find out more .]

Cut to the chase What is it? The highly foreseen sequel to the Elder Scrolls V: SkyrimWhen can I play it? Not soonWhat can I play it on? PC is a safe bet, as well as the latest console generations Elder Scrolls 6 release date- when can I play it?

We might as well get the bad news out of the way first – you’re not likely to be playing The Elder Scrolls 6 any time soon. The good news, however, is that it’s been confirmed you will be able to…eventually.

The game was confirmed during Bethesda& apos; s E3 2018 meeting but nothing more than a logo was given. We don& apos; t even have a subtitle or a release year. Todd Howard said that the game will be coming after Starfield, the company& apos; s next big IP. That entails Elder Scrolls 6 could be years away.

In addition, Youtuber SkullziTV( via GamesRadar) has been looking into the challenges Bethesda& apos; s mother company ZeniMax faces with regards to the Redfall trademark it has applied for. According to SkullziTV, if the two parties don& apos; t come to an agreement, we won& apos; t be seeing any mentions of Redfall( aka the rumored name of the upcoming Elder Scrolls game) until at the least 2021.

Elder Scrolls 6 trailer- when can I watch it?

The only footage we have of Elder Scrolls 6 is a very short clip of video games& apos; s logo. Other than that, you might be waiting a while to see more.

Here& apos; s the announcement trailer 😛 TAGEND

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