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A Different Way to advance the Alien Franchise – Alien: Covenant Forum


Post Alien Resurrection…

Johnerwas right, Earth is a shithole. All the rich and wealthy have left for greener pastures and only the poor and helpless remain.

Following the Auriga Incident the USM are sanctioned to kingdom come, and a replacement militia force are placed in the stead, a military composed of volunteers from Earths many colonies; a colonial military. As a result of the sanctions imposed on the USM all of Weyland-Yutanis IP’s and patents become freesale and are bought by a new multi-colonial conglomerate (can’t think of a name) that use research into the Xenomorph to cure a crippling plague affecting those left on Earth.

The Autons (was that their name), the collective of Synthetics that Call worked for see this new corporation as just another W-Y, a wolf in sheeps clothing. However Call and other auton’s are unaware that their rebellion is headed by none other than David, whom after Alien: Covenant abandoned his research into the Xenomorph instead favoring to use the Covenants crew and colonists as raw materials and slave labor to develop ever better synthetics under the guise of Hyperdyne Systems.

David is still intent on wiping out mankind, but with synthetics, and like Ridley Scott believes the Xenomorph to be little more than an overcooked beast. The new corporation however have discovered ancient by super-highly advanced tech as part of the Xenomorphs and black goos composition that hints at their creation being by much more intelligent means than the Engineers, whom this new corporation have learned were just abducted primitive humans used as slave labor by the intelligent means they have discovered, the true dark gods, the original, unfiltered Xenomorph race.





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